Introducing the writing stuffies

As part of my writing practice, I have a few stuffed… well, not ANIMALS.

Let’s call them beings.

I use them for varying purposes, but those purposes ALL relate to writing.

(No, I’m serious. I totally use them for writing.)

As an illustration, let me start with the first stuffie I started using for writing assistance.



Rocky is a skull with feet. That’s really all he is. He was given to me by my friend Pete, who still doesn’t know I use him for this. (Unless you’re reading this, Pete, in which case… surprise?)

The fake fur strips that connect Rocky’s feet to his skull are very flexible, so what happens is that I start playing with his feet, as though he was kicking in a pool or trying to fake-run very fast, whenever I find myself in a tough spot plot-wise. I’ll pace around my writing office and play with his feet, murmuring to myself as I try to work out my issue. I wrote an entire script once with Rocky in my lap. It wasn’t my best script – I didn’t think it through. ;)

For my next trick I’ll introduce you to my stealth stuffie helpers – stuffies I originally acquired as a childhood touchstone, that then turned into writing assistants.

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