Happy Moviversarmas!

Today is Moviversarmas in our household.

“What the everlasting fuck is Moviversarmas?” you may ask.

Move In Anniversary Before Christmas, it is.

Jon picked his life up from Pittsburgh and we moved him to Brooklyn in a marathon 10 hour drive overnight, with 3 cats and 1 dog in the back of a big van, on December 3rd.

Thing is, Moviversarmas is like Advent.

It lasts for a while.

There’s the landing day, Dec 2nd, which is the day Amelia and I arrived in Pittsburgh to help Jon pack the last bits.

Then there is today, where we packed up the kittens, had a last altercation with a downstairs neighbor who couldn’t decide what “quiet hours” were, and took off for the 10 hr adventure.

Then there’s the day, Dec 6th, when Monte came out from behind the couch where he hid after we landed.

Then there’s the day Jon’s ReloCube arrived and we got the perfect parking spot for it, by accident, and then unpacked it magically in 2 hrs when it had taken 2 days to pack it up.

…I could go on. (And in the future, I likely will.)

The thing about Moviversarmas is, we give gifts between ourselves now, rather than waiting until Xmas.

(Partly because we are REALLY BAD about saving gifts between us. We can’t hold them for longer than a month.)

It also provides us with a wide swath of time in which we can give the romantic, teary-making gifts that we don’t want to give in front of fambly.

In general? I enjoy this holiday, because it gives us another week or so of kissing each other happily in the morning and saying “Happy Moviversarmas!”

And any excuse for joy and celebration is a good excuse. :)

Happy Moviversarmas, everyone!

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