Goodbye 2014

I am ending out this year with an obnoxious cold, whose symptoms came upon me so suddenly that my voice changed an octave in the course of 15 minutes – seriously, we were at the gourmet grocery store down on Broadway, and I was fine in aisle 2 … then BAM froggy by aisle 6.

It’s kind of appropriate. Last year I ended out the year with a rather large, dramatic cut in my face, right on my lip. It looked like a disfiguring wound. Yet within the first month of 2014, the cut faded into a thin shiny scar, barely noticeable. By the wedding I couldn’t see it at all but could feel it sometimes, and now I can only feel the tiny bit of scar tissue if I pucker my lips and run my finger over it.

I’m not one to do resolutions, or to choose a single word or phrase for the year, but it was such a big thing that it became my metaphor for the year – Brutally Rapid Transitions.

BOOM you’re having issues! BOOM that’s done or as far as it can go – next issue coming up! (For better or for worse.)

Name change, from”OMG WHAT DO I DO” crisis to done in a month.

Job role changing from a small aspect in a 10K-employee company to a crucial factor in a 25-employee company.

Way too many family members having major health crises – the list is truly insane. Some sad losses. Some relieving resolutions. A few major surgeries.

Having stupid wedding crisis after stupid wedding crisis in the three weeks leading up to the event, breaking down into inconsolable tears 3 hours before the ceremony, and then the wedding itself ROCKED.

It’s odd looking back on pictures of Amelia in April and remembering that she seemed so healthy and ready to make it to 17, then started having issues walking in May (which we can see in the engagement photos), then by the time June rolled around things were obviously not going well. While her illness wasn’t rapid by any stretch of the imagination, going from “of course our dog will be in our wedding somehow” to “we are caring for a critically ill animal while also planning a wedding” in the course of a few weeks was pretty rough.

Then Breeshey nearly died… and recovered within two weeks. During the same time we were caring for Amelia.

….yeah. It’s exhausting me just to THINK about it.

But we did it, Jon and I. We went through all of this side by side, with only a few emotional hiccups, all of which resolved in such a way that brought us closer. Neither of us would have handled the individual parts of this as well as we did together, and we still managed to pull off a kick-ass wedding.

And here I am, itchy sinuses and runny nose, soothing it with a cup of tea that Jon made for me.


So bye, 2014, and thanks for the lessons. It would have been nice if you’d been easier on family and friends, but hey, we did okay given the circumstances.

(Janus, can we, um, go for something a little gentler as we step over this threshold? Something more productive? Some encompassment for a change? That’d be nice. Thanks.)



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