In a new place, in a new time

We’ve moved from the odd Bronx apartment that was so “luxurious” into a simpler 2-bedroom 3 blocks away, and damned if we’re not so, SO much happier with it.

We’ll grant you, it was beyond a crisis getting us over here – both Jon and I had some major physical issues that made life more than a bit difficult for us, let alone packing and moving. We’re both still dealing with the aftermath, though today I got resolution on one of the things that is going on with me and Jon finally took the step of designing a new beer recipe (yay!).

But the cats seem much happier, we have an AWESOME bed, the windows actually open (shocker!), and we’re doing a vastly better job at setting up a new home we can maintain.

Pictures once we’re done packing.

Also, can I just say, I LOVE the art we have.

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