Sad News

black cat with yellow eyes lies on orange duvet cover, tongue sticking out
Theo, May 2015

Yesterday Theo was diagnosed with aggressive oral cancer.

Our amazing vet, Dr. Rosado, gave him a few weeks to live.

He also said that while oncology could prolong his life, it wouldn’t be more than a few months.

Jon did some additional research, and the prospect for treatment is pretty awful – it means cutting away most of his face and having the poor guy live with a feeding tube. The tumors are in the top of his jaw and we’re 90% sure it’s grown into his sinuses, so it’d be a pretty dramatic thing.

He just had a few teeth extracted on April 29th. Nothing looked amiss then.

Neither of us are taking this well. We lost Amelia only 8 months ago. And this will be the 2nd cat Jon has lost to oral cancer, so this is feeling pretty fucked up to both of us.

…. Yeah, that’s all I can manage now.

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Really Quite Deadly.

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