In Other News – Prepping for Archfiend Rewrite

I’m going to be revisiting the novel I was working on in 2007-2008, Archfiend. I’m starting small, with a book jacket synopsis. This is my first draft of it.

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Biochemistry student Mia is experiencing the worst day of her life. Still reeling from a brutal argument with her sister Kate a week before, her car breaks down in the middle of the mountains the day before her best friend’s wedding. When she finally gets a ride to meet up with her boyfriend at the hotel, she is informed by the local psychic she needs to go back to New York immediately – because her sister has disappeared, and without Mia’s help the rest of the family will be next.

As her family confirms Kate’s disappearance and adds more strange details to the story, Mia has to untangle the clues she is finding. Why was the psychic so insistent, and how does he know all these personal details about her boyfriend? Why is her best friend’s husband so critical of her efforts to find Kate, when his brother insists on following her to New York to help? Who are these European-sounding friends of Kate’s, and why won’t they tell Mia more?

One of those friends will snag Mia’s interest and take Mia down a bizarre rabbit hole that taxes all of her skills. It will take Mia more than her courage and her friends to figure out the whole story… before she follows in Kate’s footsteps.

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