Happy Moviversarmas!

And thus starts the Moviversarmas season in our household. (Follow that link if you’ve never heard of this before.)

I love this made-up holiday more and more each year. It’s at a point when we’ve recovered some from Thanksgiving, and it isn’t so far into December that I’m gearing up the Christmas stress. It’s easy, it’s lovely, it reminds me of a time when everything just went perfectly.

It’s nice to memorialize those times when everything went more smoothly than expected. I plan on doing more of that in the future. But something¬† about this one has really anchored itself into our hearts more than even our wedding anniversary has.

This year I went a wee bit overboard on the gifts. Jon has started making AWESOME pizza, and this is a Star Wars release year, so there’s a ton of merchandise out. So I made a “Pizza under the Stars” box. Maybe in the future I’ll include photos, but basically take a browse of all the Star Wars kitchen merch on Thinkgeek and you can get the picture ;)


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