Been a long time been a long lonely l- hm, maybe only ONE lonely – time.

Okay, that might not even be appropriate. Since the last time I wrote here, there was a month and a half of gut-wrenching achiness while my amazing spouse started a new life here in Houston, and I packed up my NYC life and decided what would stay and what would go.

Yeaaah, I’m  REALLY bad at that. I almost wish I’d kept a written journal because it was quite an emotional rollercoaster. I didn’t write much – instead, I watched Xena, ST:DS9, and the last two seasons of Buffy as an exercise in not feeling my feelings.

It didn’t help that my emotions were wrapped up in a nice package of physical pain. My back and feet were NOT happy about the whole packing thing. Hmph. It got so bad I was nearly immobilized the last day and a half, and I still had to drive 13 hrs a day for 3 days to get down here. Every morning’s drive started off with me sitting on an icepack; fun times!  I ended up flying back to NYC to finish everything, and thank all the blessed gods for Mellybee because I couldn’t have done that last push without her.

But hey, now I’m here. And damn if I haven’t fallen in love with this little corner of Houston. We’re right on Buffalo Bayou Park, within walking distance of his job and a shimmy of tailfeathers to get to Hobby Airport. The flood was a nuisance (worthy of a separate post) but we worried more about others.

The reality of our new situation is kind of sublime. Every clear night I have a view of the sunset. The trees here are amazing. This park reminds me of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Where we rent we have access to two pools and a grilling courtyard. We have reasonably-priced cultural events a 15-minute walk away. There is KILLER craft brew here.

And I will get to go back to NYC on the regular.

So yeah, I’m still sort of blinking in surprise at what my life is becoming. Please bear with me as my internal antikythera mechanism gets dredged up and realigned.

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