So, Here’s The Deal….

If you are a human being and your life is in danger I will stand by you. Saint or Criminal, does not matter. Cop or Civilian, does not matter. Journalist in the field or on Twitter, does not matter. Religion irrelevant. Even if you are a Westboro Baptist fuckhead, you do not deserve to die. No one does for any offense beyond serial murder or serial rape. (Yes, even that fuckhead Brock, as much as it makes me spit to think of saving his life.)

I do not see how this is in any way controversial. How is anyone saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ met with anything but a resounding YES is beyond me. YES what can we do to help you feel your life is valued? YES of course and how do we ensure that people like those who said “Rue’s death in Hunger Games wasn’t as sad” are brought back to their own humanity? YES and how do we fight the fear that makes people react so badly to the mere presence of a black person in their neighborhood?

And to Blue Lives Matter, YES and you have the law and the weaponry fully on your side, and because I recognize that … I will fight for those lives that don’t, and stand by those lives that do when they are in danger.

And to All Lives Matter… if everyone believed it we wouldn’t NEED the 1st. So YES but it’s time for you to ACT like it.

Time to do more than pay lip service.

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Really Quite Deadly.

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