Registered. In Texas.

October 11th is the deadline for getting registered in a number of states, Texas being one of them. What’s fun about this deadline is that Oct 11th is the deadline posted in tons of places… but when I started pursuing registration, all the instructions stated that I needed to complete my registration (or have my mail submission postmarked) 30 days before the election in order to be able to vote.

Oct 11th is 28 days before the election.


Oprah gives suspicious side-eye
Oprah is verrrry suspicious.

I have to say I’m glad I started looking into it early. I sent in my registration earlier this week and I feel pretty secure in my ability to vote. But hey, people who want to vote but aren’t registered where they are: it’s worth looking past the expressed registration deadline date and looking at how much time will elapse before you can vote.

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