As A Side Note

I am terrible at being honestly myself. I am also terrible at NOT being myself. Conundrum! I am, as a white person, allowed to be weird. But as a woman, I’m expected to fit certain parameters of behavior that I have a hard time matching.

It means that the friends I have who are insisting on their identity? Yeah, I will fight for them with every breath. This matters a LOT. I want everyone else to have the opportunities that I don’t.

I also want to become myself. Someday.

This is freedom. Evolving, growing, getting to become oneself and not be attacked, yelled at, whatevs by random assholes on the street. And that’s the thing – I know lots of really wonderful people who are politically right and would never. Would never. WOULD NEVER.


Voting Trump in to the White House meant that those who WOULD do that kind of bullshit are now given license to be really explicit and loud about it. Flying a Nazi flag in San Francisco. Yelling at trans and gay people. Telling black people to go to the back of the bus. (I mean, what the FUCK.) Yelling at Muslims/Latinx/etc. to go “home” even when they’re born here. I mean, this is loud and large and *everywhere.*

it must be nice.
it must be nice.

to have whiteness on our side.

I will use my whiteness for good. Or, fuck, I’ll try.

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