Take the Baton

Just a reminder to those who might not know about it, for those who are in marginalized communities, our fight is not a sprint, where something positive happens and whoo we’re done yay we’ve reached the finish line confetti awards and yay what a great runtime! No, it’s every single day for most people. Just turning on the computer can be an exercise in awfulness. Or turning on the TV. People get exhausted having to deal with life as it is plus deal with people who don’t believe your lived experience plus deal with actual active hate plus be asked to educate others on how life whaps marginalized people upside the head. This is constant. There are no breaks. Because of this, we need to assess our abilities in context – both those of us affected and those of us who wish to be allies with others.

Some people do well on marathons and some do not. I am one of those who does not, so I look at the fight as a relay race, and when I can, I take the baton and I go with it, confident enough in my friends groups that someone else will take the baton for me when I flag or stumble. I try to do the same for my ally work, with an awareness that I might fuck up – and I remember when I get tired I get defensive, and try to account for that in any reactions.

But no matter what, I *have to take the baton sometimes.*

Allies, so do you.


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