The Alt-Right Are Not Only White Supremacists Let’s Stop Using That

Just a reminder, folks, that as we’re making sure to define alt-Right for what it is… using white supremacy as the way in which we define them harms anti-racist conversations in the long term. The term “white supremacy” is used also to define a system of normalizing white people at the expense of POC, and creating a white Christian perspective on American culture that centers political, social and economic power in white hands. White supremacy is a system all white people inadvertently … well, some inadvertently, some deliberately – participate in here in America, and it is oppressive and detrimental (I know, redundant) to people of color in this country.

This means that if framing alt-right as white supremacy succeeds, anyone with good intentions hearing the word will have a gut-level “oh God no I’m not like them.” This will hobble anti-racist efforts trying to educate others using white supremacy to describe the system rather than the belief.

The alt-right are white nationalists.  That includes white supremacy.

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