There Is No Such Thing As “Identity Politics”

All that phrase means is “I don’t like people of a certain type and I want the right to deny them basic rights.”

CW: assaults of varying kinds.

Look, I have an identity. Everyone does. That identity is how we all navigate the world. It isn’t “politics” to ask that I be able to exercise my right to life and Liberty without people attacking me for existing. I should be able to go to the bathroom in peace, rather than being shouted at or attacked for the identity I live in. I should be able to go to work or take out my trash without people calling me names. I should be able to sleep in my domicile – the domicile I am paying for – and not worry about someone shooting through my window, spray-painting the sides of my house or my car, or putting notes in my mailbox or under my door threatening me to get out or else.

Once you say “identity politics,” you’re saying that it’s okay for none of those “shoulds” to happen.

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