Right Here, Right Now

This is history in the making.

This is a future I tried to avoid.

(Not hard enough.)

Here I am, right here, right now, aware that of all things, civility and discourse have departed our highest office. That belief and trust in ALL people in this country doesn’t even need to be paid lip service, anymore. That public mockery will be the way of things for the next however long.

Respect has left the building.

So right here, right now, I take a vow.

I will uphold humanity and the truth that all humans deserve a seat at the table.
I will fight to the best of my ability for the rights and safety of people of color (particularly black and Latinx folk, as they will be specific targets of this administration), Muslims, Jewish folk, LGBTIAQ folk, disabled folk, neurodiverse folk, and journalists/free speech advocates.

Those who are mocked are my siblings; my family; my dearest beloved friends.
Those who are targeted are as American as any other citizen on this land.

I will fight for you. For us.



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