I am being denied Services I Paid For…

NASA meatball
NASA had to create a rogue Twitter account to get around a gag order.

And so is the rest of America.

We PAY for those governmental agencies that are currently being censored on Twitter and in general. The EPA was not allowed to tell people who *depend on their grants* that they weren’t going to get their money. NASA, the Parks Service, and other organizations that are paid for through my tax money – and that I WANT to pay for through my tax money – are having their public speaking curtailed.

I am fucking furious. I pay for these things. I want to pay for these things. That’s MY stuff.

And it’s yours too.

Speak out. Those orgs are yours. You have been paying for them for years and at the VERY least we deserve a download of our data (thanks for taking the initiative, NASA) and an announcement that our services are being curtailed – PLUS a reason.

I mean, really, folks. If Comcast or ATT or or had cut off our internet, we’d be screaming bloody murder.

Let’s apply the same fury now.

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