Donating in honor of Black History Month

Black History Month 2017

This year, in honor of Black History Month, every day of February I will be donating to a charity that is run by and focused on black women in America. Because this is the first day, today I’ll spotlight the charity I’ve chosen. For the rest of the month I’ll post a summary of the charities and their awesome initiatives on Sundays Mondays.

Today’s charity is SisterLove, an Atlanta-based organization dedicated to supporting women’s sexual and reproductive health. Their main focus is on HIV/AIDS prevention, counseling, and destigmatization. They offer free rapid HIV testing and other STD testing in the Atlanta area, and have numerous programs devoted to education about safer sex, living with HIV, and PrEP advocacy (check out the numerous resources they have downloadable here). One of those programs specifically focuses on providing HIV/AIDS prevention education for women attending historically Black colleges and universities. Another program focuses on healthy attitudes around sexuality, and they outline the scope of the program on their site.

SisterLove is pretty freaking amazing and you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook. and Pinterest.

BTW, if anyone has an organization they would like me to consider, please let me know!

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