I Am Very Behind

I don’t know why it has taken me almost a month to get my act together, but there it is. I have a few drafts of posts but they’re all pre-St. Pat’s and relevant to specific political events, soooo… yeah, not gonna plonk those on here anymore.


Along with letting this blog go fallow, I’ve also not been making important doctors’ appointments or taking care of specific car and house-related things. Poor Mitethe is being SO neglected. And hey, even Kizu is missing out, poor roo. I haven’t been taking her on her afternoon walks as often.

So rather than try to write yummy crunchy posts for the next few weeks, I think I’m gonna share some photos instead, since aside from being busy I also got a new camera and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Taking photos while walking Kizu or hanging on conference calls is fun.

More to come. :)

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