Waning crescent moon in extreme closeup
Waning crescent moon in extreme closeup

I got this new camera specifically because it has an amazing zoom lens and the sample photos didn’t look as though there was as much artifacting as other digital zooms. This is the second or third photo I took, while holding the camera in my hands. Standing up. No tripod. I’m not even zoomed in all the way.

Add some Photoshop auto-tone and BAM. That’s all the photo needed. Lookit those craters!! I was so incredibly impressed.

Okay, FINE. I still am impressed.

Nikon P900, in case you’re interested. I had tried to do stuff like this with the Nikon D80 and D5200 but failed miserably, so I went for a Coolpix to make life easier.

Next up – macro!

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