Waiting For Maintenance



Here I am, waiting for the building maintenance to come and fix our air conditioning. It’s wonderful timing, given that weather says it “feels like 102” outside, and so I have to sit close to the portable AC unit while I wait.

We are both appreciating this lil LG unit, though. We bought it while planning our wedding, since one of the wedding party had (has) MS and there was no air conditioning in the venue where we were getting married.*¬† We didn’t want to take the chance of it being a super-hot day and him not enjoying himself or having to leave early. It turns out that it was more helpful to him and his spouse at the apartment they rented, and wasn’t necessary at the venue. But it was something they used somewhere! Then, after the wedding, we put it away in storage, with the idea Jon could use it for a fermentation chamber for his brewing at some point.

I don’t know why I added it to the list of things to bring to Houston. Seems nonsensical at the heart of it, given that any place in Houston would have some kind of AC. But I did add it to the list, and WOW I am so glad I did. So here I am with triple gratitude for investing in an appliance that gave someone we love comfort back then, for not leaving it behind, and for the relative comfort it is giving us now.


* For those that don’t know, extremes of heat and cold are often a real issue for people with MS. It can exacerbate symptoms quite a lot.

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