Prone To Allergies

Talking about body weirdness in this one… Allergy test on my shoulder wheeeee – these are the grasses.

For years I’ve had weird intermittent breathing problems that made me feel like I couldn’t catch a breath. This started some time before 9/11, maybe a year beforehand. Over the the course of the past decades, I had gone to tons of doctors and had my lungs and heart checked more often than I could count. I had several blood tests for allergies as well. I had been diagnosed with exercise-related asthma, anxiety-related dyspnea, hyperventilation syndrome, and hypochondria. ;)

Nothing I was given to help ever made it stop. It was very frustrating when it would just hit me while trying to just make it through a day. The worst was in September of 2013 when I got pneumonia and then spent the next several months trying to breathe properly again.

Since moving to Houston, the attacks had almost stopped. Instead of every month, it was “when I went to the East Coast.” So I was surprised when autumn weather arrived here for more than a week and my breathing froze up again. Very unpleasant. I wanted to give up.


Jon had figured out that I had my attacks mostly in the fall, so I figured there HAD to be an allergy aspect to them, despite the blood tests. Therefore, since Jon had a great allergist, I set an appointment.

Lo and behold, strong allergies. Missed on the blood test but visible as hell on the skin. Plus, after the molds test was injected, I could feel my lungs starting to constrict.

It was terrifying.

But I felt So. Much. Relief.

Next step? Allergy shots! Fingers crossed I become acclimated soon.

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