Spring Cleaning – The Facebook Version

Just did a quick pare-down of my friends list. I’ve been spending waaaay too much time on FB and it’s about time for me to take a rest. Before I do, I’m trying to clean up not only what I see but what others see from me, and make my “friends only” posts mean a little something.

No one’s removal was personal at all. My metrics were:

– Has the person commented on my posts or comments in a positive fashion?
– Have I commented on the person’s in a positive fashion?
– Have I seen a post from the person in my timeline recently?
– …did I particularly like any of the posts if so?
– …do I feel liked I missed out if not?


– *Would* I miss the person’s presence on FB, or do they crosspost/mostlypost from Instagram or Twitter enough we could interact there?
– …or do I enjoy their content a lot more on one of those? (That was the case for two folks.)

When I made the qualifications based on “do I enjoy it?” things changed quite a bit. I kept a few people who challenge me – this isn’t a blue-bubble situation – but are not snarky about any disagreement they might have with my content.


So hopefully I can have an easier time on the Blue Beast for the next few weeks before my break goes active. Fingers crossed!

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