Spring Cleaning – The Clothing Version

I remember reading once that Neil Gaiman had tubs of black clothes in his closet, where each tub corresponded to a specific waist size. Recently I’ve been really varied in my sizes – even between days – and originally I thought I’d have to do something similar just to keep track. But yesterday I put on a favorite dress in a larger size and it was a little tight, and another favorite dress in a smaller size and it was a little loose.

Bodies are weird.

And clothing sizes are apparently utter BS for clothes gendered as “women” (or more obnoxiously, “Ladies”).

So I’m currently trying to figure out how to pack away the stuff that doesn’t fit me right now, without having to try on every single thing I’ve got. I might have to just suffer through it, but I thought I’d post in case anyone out there has a trick they use?

*hopeful eyes*
*cute blinking*

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – The Clothing Version

  1. Rather than weeding out the stuff that doesn’t fit first, can you separate the stuff you already know DOES fit / has fit well enough recently enough? Then you’d have fewer things to try on?

    Or, from a different angle entirely — is there a way to make the trying things on less terrible?

    Also: bodies are bodies! Clothing that doesn’t fit bodies is weird, isn’t that the whole point of clothing?! WEIRD.

    1. Sadly, the fact that this body can switch sizes between days, e.g wearing the same dress the next day and it’s suddenly tight, which is the opposite of the way clothing worked before this body started swelling, means that there’s no way to avoid trying everything on to see exactly how much things do/don’t fit, so there’s a good variance. And making it less terrible? Can’t think of a way, despite ruminating on it for a more than a week ;)

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