Spring Cleaning – The Moving Version

Welp, things are again changing dramatically over here.

Jon and I are moving out of Houston, back to the East Coast, back to snowier climes. Which we’re thrilled about.

*confetti* *dancing*

This has been cause for much celebration by friends and family in the northeast, and not so much from friends and family here in Houston. (It’s nice to be loved.) But once again, Jon and I have to live hundreds of miles away from each other for a month and change, due to his company’s scheduling. He literally stopped his contract work here on a Saturday and started work in the new city on Monday.

So yeah. 45 days apart once again. Which we are NOT thrilled about.

Soooooo, given the frustration and bodily trauma that was “packing to move to Houston,” I am looking at this as an opportunity to really lighten up our load. Books about decluttering, such as Konmari and others, have been a presence in the media the past few years. We read a few but never thought we could do anything like that, because we love-and-joy REALLY hard on lots of things. (As in, YES EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THESE WATER GLASSES GIVE ME SQUEEJOY GO AWAY kind of hard.) Now I’m in a “uhhh fine these can be replaced” kind of mood, because cross-country moves are annoyingly expensive.

And so is packing.


So I guess yay new adventure, boo the leadup? I am looking forward to the end point, though.

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