Wow, Happy May

Happy First Day of Ramadan, Happy Cinco de Mayo, and Belated May the Fourth be with you. *confetti*

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted here. It’s not like life has been THAT busy. It’s also not like I forget. It’s more like – time sometimes flows faster than other times, and I’m chasing a leaf down the stream instead of paying attention to what’s on the banks.

It’s also been a beautiful, if odd, spring. My allergies are really kicking up but the flowers are amazing. Lilacs, irises, peonies and clematis in our courtyard; tulips, cherry trees, dogwoods and buckeyes elsewhere. I have a ton of photographs and I probably should post them here. Just because it’s really hard to get my crap downloaded from Instagram. *eyeroll*

The weather has been a roller coaster, which I suppose is to be expected with how we Westerners muck with the environment. The dogwood in our courtyard got blown down by a nasty windstorm about 2 weeks back, and an ornamental cherry up the street has bloomed – and then the blooms killed by the subsequent cold – no less than 3 times. It was 85 degrees earlier this week and now it won’t get above 63.

But I still have a lot of joy in how beautiful it all is. I kinda adore how we humans love to complain about weather as small talk, yet constantly adapt. And while the prospect of climate change scares the everloving out of me, I keep seeing people working at it from all sorts of directions. That’s some good news.

Because that cherry tree? It keeps blooming.

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