Day 268, with exhaustion, also glee

CN: physical health issues

I don’t think I’ve been this tired since I was ending my tenure at MediaEmpireTM over a decade ago. So much to attend to, & very little mental or physical energy to deal with it all. I’ve been struggling with some weird severe hip pain since early November, something my doc believes is entirely muscular, but which is completely unaffected by muscle relaxants.* (It’s better now, but it still hurts like a fuckable** and the traditional approaches aren’t possible for me.) Plus, there’s a metric fuckton of cleaning to do in the house and both Jon & I are dealing with too much pain to get it done.


There’s Slashertorte. Having the physical copy of it is prompting more joy that I expected. Like, that’s me! That’s my name, on that page, and I wasn’t the one who printed it :gleeee:


There’s the new feature in iOS where we can use our own action and voices to animate Memojis and by all the gods Jon and I are making each other laugh until we cry. Cackling so hard we can hear each other through the floor when one is in the basement.


I’m getting back into some stuff I hadn’t be interested in until recently. Where other people have nostalgia about events and places, I have nostalgia about interests and hobbies. I kind of prefer it this way; you can’t get back to a place and time, but those old card decks can last, those old recordings of live bands can be resurrected.

It’s always a thing of multiplicity, for me. So many emotions and situations stuffed into a single moment in time. *sigh8

I’m hoping I can get some rest this December, and that my new-old hobbies can give my brain something soothing to latch onto. I’m wishing rest and ease-ful interests to all of you as well.

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