Day 285, with missing motivation

I woke up this morning with a massive “OH NO” sign flashing in my head.

In my whole “prep myself for a holiday with no family besides Jon” I neglected something – the whole process of preparing to visit family is the literal trigger for most of my gift-organizing.

I’d forgotten to coordinate an alternative to mailing the presents.

I have five or six boxes of gifts sitting around. One contains about 3 yrs worth of presents for one dear friend, actually. (I am BAD at mailing packages. Have I mentioned that before?) So with everything going on, I didn’t correctly schedule my “someone else has to mail this” scenario.

Plus, I have no New Year’s cards. I had a great opportunity to take photos of pups in snow, but I wasn’t thinking. Too much other stuff on my mind. Sheeeesh.

I did talk to my boss a little bit about this and we realized that most of the people from whom we’ve received cards are retired, so that’s a small comfort, but DAMN I’m embarrassed. I’m not normally this off-kilter during a season that matters a metric fuckton, culturally*, to my family.

I offer this in case anyone else is kermit-flailing about mail and gifts and aaaagh – I see you. I’m so freaking with you.


* we’re German. Christmas Eve is a THING, for us.

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