Day 300, with…terrorists in the US Capitol Building

This was supposed to be a “holy wow I’ve been in quarantine for 300 days straight” post.

This was supposed to be a “what my life looks like now” post.

And sure, I was planning some notes about the two new Democratic US senators from Georgia, in particular, delight about Warnock.

But instead, I’m watching DC cops take selfies with far-right terrorists attempting to prevent a part of our government from doing its job. I’m watching them break windows of the CAPITOL, the building everyone in this country pays for. I’m watching Senators fleeing their offices, sheltering in place in other spaces. I’m watching them steal podiums. I’m…

I’m watching most of them maskless.

I’m watching them and thinking about all the people, all the Black and brown people, who were shot, tear gassed, tased, beaten, for much much less.

It’s not like I didn’t know the hypocrisy is there. It’s more that the police, supposedly arbiters of law and order, chose to sow chaos, chose to “disengage,” chose instead to let them rampage through those halls. If some of what I’m seeing is right, some deliberately let the mob through barriers (and given what I’ve seen in protests elsewhere I have no reason to disbelieve this), changing a protest into something much different.

The police literally ensured that the US governmental process was shut down.

If they’ll do this, why are we giving them any of our tax money at all?

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