Day 320, with a kickass recipe

One of the joys in my life is great restaurants. The joy of choosing a recipe and anticipating what new spin someone will put on it. Because of my allergies, I can’t get takeout anymore: I can’t talk to servers and cooks and ask about ingredients, and if something is wrong I can’t send it back.

I’m also not great at cooking in my current kitchen. I’m not physically able to stand as long as I used to & my space is tiny. Therefore, complicated or experimental recipes require a lot of time & preparation. Yeaaaaah that wasn’t gonna happen, not with what else was happening in the world.

So to satisfy that “fun food” itch, I order stuff! Like peppermint chocolate, and pistachio cream, and dried spaghetti squash strings as a pasta replacement. Recently I splurged on a box of citrus. Well, as part of that box I got an email from the company with a recipe! Winter Citrus Pasta with Caramelized Cauliflower. At first I was “meh” about it, but I hadn’t done anything with my last box of dried spaghetti squash and it didn’t seem TOO difficult… I figured why not try it?

Well friends, I gotta say, with the squash instead of pasta, frozen cauli instead of fresh, and 1/4 cup nutritional yeast instead of cheese? This recipe was AMAZING. And vegan! The citrus really adds something special, and I ate much more than I should have. I will absolutely make this again. Plus, it satisfied my craving for someone else’s creative view on food. I would never have thought to cook chunks of citrus in cauliflower.

I won’t post someone else’s recipe, so if you’re interest please check out the link above!

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