Day 330, with a return to normal levels of stress

Hah, lookit me. I put “normal” in that title like it was a good thing. *snickers at self*

One of my quirks is that I’m actually excellent in a real crisis. I can freak right the hell out over small things, but get a car trapped in a blizzard with no cell reception? I’m all smarts and calm. Someone’s bleeding dramatically? I’ll get it taken care of.

For the past saaaay… 9 months? It’s been crisis after crisis, and while yes it’s been stressful, I knew how to move forward.

Then, just before 6 am today, the hairline victory progressives in the US scratched out proved its worth: a COVID relief bill was passed (as insufficient as it is) only because our VP cast the tie-breaking vote. I nearly cried, realizing how all the work had brought this little sliver of surcease from nightmare.

And then something weird happened to me.

All the little things, the imbalances, the problems I’d been ignoring because they really just weren’t important? They suddenly jumped on my back like particularly tenacious toddlers.

I’d been avoiding a LOT of problems. :side eyes Past Me:

So yeah. Work was rough all week, things were broken here at home, and my shoulder muscles have decided to cosplay as cinder blocks.

I love that things are starting to change, but dammit, now I’ve got to figure out a way to freaking force myself to relax.

(The fact that that’s such a hard thing for me will be a topic for another blog post.)

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