OK, So, Let’s Recap….

Seriously this whole country is a big ball of What The Actual Fuck.

First, not only did Hurricane Ida fuck up Louisiana and shut off power for a whole ton of vulnerable people, but it sailed on up the Eastern Seaboard and dumped a bunch of rain on Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York coastal cities, causing massive flooding, because it’s not like we haven’t had THREE OR FOUR HURRICANE RELATED FLOOD PROBLEMS WITHIN THE PAST DECADE OMG WHAT IS WITH OUR URBAN PLANNING

Second, the Supreme Court refused to block Texas’ Heartbeat Law, which forbids any abortion performed after fetal cardiac activity can be detected, AND allows any citizen to sue abortion providers, AND allows people to anonymously submit TIPS ABOUT PPL WHO MIGHT BE HAVING AN ABORTION AGAINST THE LAW. BECAUSE SOMEONE’S HEAVY PERIOD MIGHT BE AN INDUCED MISCARRIAGE. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Third, a famous comedian has tested positive for COVID-19 and is taking… you guessed it… ivermectin. Not even the monoclonal treatment! IVERMECTIN. An *antiparasitic* drug. Used for WORMS. Supposedly this is a relatively smart guy, and he’s taking a WORM medicine for a VIRUS. And this is something that a whooooooole lotta people think is a smart thing to do to avoid the vaccine. Avoiding it because it’s a traaap, apparently? Somehow a vaccine whose methodology was in testing loooong before COVID-19 was a dream in some SARS-virus’ capsid is some weird conspiracy of the government. Or Bill Gates. Or 5G. Something to track us all, or make us docile. Because we’re all SO GOOD AT KEEPING SECRETS (stares at everyone in data privacy or abusive lack thereof) and we’re SO GOOD THESE DAYS AT FIGHTING THE MACHINE (stares at everyone living in this capitalist authoritarian hellscape who says this is fine)

Fourth, Afghanistan is being abandoned after war in a way that the United States has only once abandoned a country after war. We still have bases in Germany. In Italy. In Japan. In South Korea. We kinda still do in The Philippines, except they need to be rebuilt. Leaving a PRESENCE has been a thing the US has done in the past, but no, not for this situation, even though we’re handing everything off to a group that OH RIGHT HAS A HISTORY OF PERMANENTLY SCARRING AND MAIMING WOMEN AND GIRLS BUT WHATEVER

Fifth, several fast food chains in the US have started to hire 14 to 15 yr olds because the “staff shortage” is supposedly that bad… and the laws in the states where this is happening allows this because food service is supposedly “non-hazardous” WTF HOW IS WORKING WITH MULTIPLE DEEP FRYERS NONHAZARDOUS IN A KITCHEN DESIGNED FOR PPL ALMOST TO THEIR FULL HEIGHT COME THE FUCK ON

Sixth – and how the fuck is there a sixth – some folks I know have lost family and friends to the virus. And they were vaccinated. They were VACCINATED. I know a vaccine isn’t a panacea, but so many folks think it is that they’ve opened everything up. They’re sending children back to school. They’re trying to force ppl back to crowded offices. Because “if you’re vaccinated your risk of hospitalization or death is yadda yadda amount lower” and OF COURSE DEATH IS THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HERE, NO WORRYING ABOUT LONG COVID NO WORRYING ABOUT THE LONG TERM EFFECTS, NO, JUST SHUT UP AND BE A GOOD SOLDIER/CONSUMER.

I am SO fed up.

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