Day 702, with tiny sacrifices

…. it’s been that kind of day.

CW: illness, blood, inadvertent self-harm


I’ve grown more klutzy as I get older. This morning started, first thing, even before I got out of bed, with me opening an inch-long gash on my elbow bone courtesy of a laptop I’d left at my bedside. It continued with me somehow clawing a tiny chunk out of my left thumb when I was trying to tie shut the bag I used to pick up after Kizu.

Kizu, a short-haired fawn-colored dog with a white-flecked muzzle, one pointed ear and one half-flopped ear and dark brown eyes stands on a cement stoop in front of a brick wall, looking at something just over the photographer's left shoulder.
It wasn’t her fault.
(Kizu, a fawn dog w/perky ears, stands in front of a brick wall. And don’t worry, it looks like an outside stoop but she’s in an enclosed space.)

Yeah, my fingernails are sharp as hell when I don’t have gel polish on them.

It’s rare that this happens twice in a day, though. It’s like something in my unconscious is performing minuscule blood sacrifices before I embark on a quest, or some such thing.

I’m entertaining myself with some daydreaming about what that quest might be. Am I going to enter Faerie to rescue a kidnapped child? Or consecrating my left arm before implanting an energy shield. Maybe I’m unconsciously summoning a great deity to help me fight a necromancer. Or I could be gearing up my magic to battle death cultists who are trying to take over the world.


Okay, that last one’s a liiiiittle too close to reality for me. Time to go hug the roos.

Or to start the “training the plucky rookies” montage. One of the two.

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