Today, in monthly sacrifices…

CW for inadvertent self-harm

…… ugh.

ugh ugh ugh.

Once again I have stabbed myself with my own fingernail and got deep enough that the divot I somehow dig out of me wouldn’t stop bleeding for a while.

A photo of the last joint of a white person's finger, with a clipped fingernail several millimeters shorter than the end of the finger.
This is the offending fingernail. Yes, I can slice skin off me with fingernails THIS short.

This is why, in the time before 2020, I’d go to nail salons. It wasn’t necessarily to make myself pretty, though I do love the colors and iridescences that nail polishes provide.

No, it was to keep me from doing regular damage to myself.

I know I can do gel polish myself, at home, but I am spectacularly bad at filing my own damn nails (see image above), and I’m a disaster at taking care of my cuticles. I’ve tried, repeatedly, but I’m so uncoordinated I keep giving myself hangnails.

I did go back to get a manicure two weeks after the second vaccination. I stayed masked the whole time, but, yknow, other people partaking of services are not so nice. So now I occasionally Venmo these poor folks who don’t have other options, and I stay away so I’m not possibly infecting my older upstairs neighbor, with whom we share a front door and basement.

Because, you know, that’s what you DO. You look after folks.

Every now and then I think about the people who used to yell about needing to go to the hair salon or get a haircut and here I am, with fingernails that literally shave the skin on my own damn hands, and I am STILL not going to the nail salon, even though they’re open. Makes me want to kick down a door or two, shove my bleeding fingers in their face and say “BLEEDING HEARTS ARE MORE KICKASS THAN YOU THINK, FUCKERS.”


Right. Time to switch the bandage.

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