A Day Before Solstice

Tomorrow will be solstice – specifically summer on my side of the world. Official maximum tilt will be at 5:13 am, 19 minutes before sunrise where I am. I’m not necessarily a sun-lover, but this year it feels important to honor the way the earth turns and swoops along its orbit, so I’m going to do a tarot card pull 1st thing tomorrow, see what I get.

In the meantime, I’m aghast at how FAST this year is going for me. Like wasn’t it March just a few days ago? Mid-May just yesterday? Part of this is my ongoing “unstuck in time” feeling, and another part of it is that days are so similar when quarantining.* We do have some differences between days, but they’re not really enough to make a big impact on how I experience time. It used to be there would be a BIG event, like a convention or a birthday or a wedding, and that would inscribe a clear marking line in my memory, of “before” and “after” this moment.

That is, I think, why I’m going to try to mark the movement of the spheres through the year more often, using tarot cards and other imagery. Because otherwise my life is going to get away from me, and I won’t have anything to look back on and go “oh, right, that was THAT moment.”

Wishing everyone a thoughtful Juneteenth and a merry Solstice, wherever you are.

* until there are better solutions to long Covid, we’re staying the course.

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