Thinking of Canceling my Instas

Y’all, I am tired.

Seriously, seriously tired.

Not only due to long term chronic illness and the horribleness of the world at large, but also because, as a person who is trying to be more ‘out there’ to promote my creative work, there are a LOT of platforms, and very few ways to streamline what I post and how.

Insta holds the crown for most incredibly annoying interface for adding alt text and image descriptions. I hate it, hate it, HATE it. It’s sometimes even actively painful to me. But a lot of my friends & family are there & enjoy the platform, so I’ve been in a holding pattern, hoping they’d change their interface. Which, to be fair, they did – the alt-text field used to be almost impossible to find, and now it’s in the flow – but it’s still horrible, and holy wow after looking at three “post everywhere” tools and finding no alt text option, and trying to keep up between Twitter and Facebook and this site and figuring out whether I want to be on Tiktok?

I’m so impressed w/people who’re able to sustain five different platforms. I’m certainly not one of them.

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