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I have a bit of a thing about fountain pen inks. This isn’t really a surprise; a lot of writers do. However, for me they scratch a very specific itch. I love art materials, but I often let them go unused for too long. Not so much with inks. They’re a combination of a distinctly practical resource (contributing to the ability to use a pen almost endlessly) with a gorgeous artistic perspective.

Soooo this year, I decided I was going to get myself the Diamine Inkvent calendar for 2022.

An ornately-drawn Advent calendar. The colors are bright green, metallic silver, metallic gold, and white. In the top center is white cursive text that reads "the Inkvent Calendar" and scattered across the calendar are gold numbers in many different attractive font faces.
The Diamine Inkvent calendar, green edition for 2022.

I am already enchanted with the thing. It has about seven different calligraphy styles on the front, decorations in metallic green and gold, pen nibs, pens and brushes used throughout as snowflake components and design elements, and two cheery snowfolk at the bottom.

I also want to acknowledge that Advent as it is expressed in current day is not in any way, shape or form secular, so there’s a bit of a weird contradiction that my pagan/atheistic self wanted this. Advent is Christian culture, and while its origin is fuzzy and most likely existed prior to Roman engagement, it is now a vehicle for indoctrination. That said, it’s something in my culture – Advent & Advent calendars are huge in the area of Germany where my family lived. And I miss the childhood experience of sharing the cheery photos behind those doors.

Therefore, you’re warned for the next month, I will share photos each day, describing my impression of each of the inks. After this calendar is done I’ll add another seven inks to fill out the month into my Janus moment. Feel free to unfollow if this is too close to religious for folks – I will be done with this calendar on Dec 26th and done with inks in general on the 1st!

Next up – Day 1!

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