Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 7

I knew there was no way that today’s ink could hit me like the last one did, but I kept an open mind.

And with that, today’s door opening! *drumroll*……….

Day 7’s ink is called “Alpine.”

I was surprised that we had another tree-themed ink so quickly, but hey, let’s run with it.

I tested, as per usual, using a borosilicate glass dip pen in a Maruman Mnemosyne notebook. The paper in the Mnemosyne is good for sheening inks but isn’t as thin as Tomoe River, making it easier to use a sharp glass pen.

Handwriting in a midrange pine green ink on white paper that reads "Day 7: Alpine." To the right of the writing lays a small square bottle with a metallic dark green label that reads "Alpine" in hard-to-read silver script under the diamond Diamine logo.
I really liked this shimmer ink, even though it wasn’t as pretty of a green as Spruce. Text reads “Day 7: Alpine” in my blocky handwriting.

Well okay! This was a nice partner to Spruce. I can easily see using them together when painting, and I’m excited to see how they work.

Like Ghost, it’s slightly thin but flows easily, so it’s not unpleasant at all when writing. The base color is a pine green, but the silver shimmer has some amazing turquoise tinge to it, so the ink doesn’t look at all yellow like many pine colors do.

A closeup of the green handwriting "Alpine", next to a splotch that has shades of dark pine green and a slightly lighter shade of pine green, with some silver shimmer visible.
A closeup of the writing and ink splotch, with the shimmer clearly visible in the writing.

… I quite like how there’s enough shimmer in the writing strokes to create a lot of visual interest, and how it flows well enough so that the splotch has a well-defined outline.

It doesn’t dry as quickly as Ghost, so there’s a tiny bit of feathering in the strokes. However it doesn’t create thick lines, so it’s not a distraction at all.

A closeup of a splotch of ink has shades of dark pine green and a slightly lighter shade of pine green, with significant silver shimmer visible.
Another closeup of the splotch, showing how the shimmer has a lovely pale turquoise tone.

And really, wow, this shimmer was a bold choice, and a good one. I wouldn’t mix turquoise with green but it’s a gorgeous combo here.

I really like this. I might not get a large bottle, but I might get a few extra samples from Goulet…

Next up: Day 8!

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