Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 15

Okay, I expected calm last opening and I got a very pretty calming color. What’s next?

Today’s door! *drumroll*……….

Day 15’s ink is called “Pick Me Up.”

(Also, how do I not notice these images are blurry until I’m trying to blog?)


I tested, as per usual, using a borosilicate glass dip pen in a Maruman Mnemosyne notebook.

Handwriting in a deep dark brown ink on white paper that reads "Day 15: Pick Me Up." Below and slightly to the right of the writing lays a small square bottle with a dark brown label that reads "Pick Me Up"  in surprisingly easy-to-read silver script under the diamond Diamine logo.
This ink was also scratchy and had an odd flow, but in a different way than Three Kings. Text reads “Day 15: Pick Me Up” in my blocky handwriting.

Okay, this is a deep brown ink that really, REALLY did not want to splotch. It also didn’t want to share any of its shading. And it was even more scratchy than the prior ink. I nearly broke through the paper on this one.

It’s a merlot brown, with a red undertone that doesn’t want to come through in the photos. It also smells a little chocolatey. The bottle doesn’t mention it being scented, same as Three Kings, but unlike that one I might be imagining this one’s scent due to associations with the name.

A closeup of a splotch of ink has only two shades - dark brown and almost black.
A closeup of some of the writing and the ink splotch, demonstrating how consistent of a color it is.

I had to scribble quite a lot get the splotch. It doesn’t show off the red tones, but I will give it credit for being an incredibly consistent color.

A closeup of the splotch and some handwriting shows slight variance in the shades, adding a reddish brown to the dark brown and almost black.
A closeup of some of the writing and the ink splotch.

So if you like brown inks, don’t mind scratchiness when you’re writing, AND you prefer consistent color in your inks? This one is for you.

It’s not for me. I really wanted this to shade nicely. Maybe if I hadn’t already had the beauty of Yule Log on Day 2, I would have enjoyed this one.

Next up: Day 16!

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