Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 21

And how are they going to follow up yesterday’s pretty??

Today’s door! *drumroll*….

Day 21’s ink is called “Cosy Up.”

I tested, as per usual, using a borosilicate glass dip pen in a Maruman Mnemosyne notebook.

Handwriting in bright orange-red ink on white paper that reads "Day 21:  Cosy Up." The O has been written a bit like a heart. The splotch has some smudges below it. To the right of the writing lays a small square bottle with a metallic red label that reads "Cosy Up" in slightly blurred silver script under the diamond Diamine logo.
Vivid orange-red ink. Text reads “Day 21: Cosy Up” in my blocky handwriting. The O looks like a heart, but that was just me making a mistake. You can also see the light shining through the bottle.


*deep breath*

Before I get into this, quick CW: vivid, possibly unpleasant description of an unusual texture.

OKAY. So. Color first. This is a rich orange-red that reminds me a lot of Diamine’s Blood Orange. When you look at it from some angles, it looks Santa-suit red. From other angles, the orange wins out and it’s a bit like a 60s lipstick color. This would be a useful ink for anyone wanting some variety and interest in their reds.

A closeup of the handwritten letters U and P, plus the splotch in shades of true red and pinkish red.  The splotch has messy drips and smears in the bottom right, and has many scribble marks in it.
A closeup of the ink splotch, showing how saturated the red color is. Also, how messy the splotch is and how many scribble marks are in it.

As I tried to make the splotch, somehow I had to scribble *and* I got it everywhere? I’m not sure how that happened.

No, I had not had any wine or cider.

But I like the messy bits, since they show off how there’s a wee bit of pink tone in there from that one angle.

But. I must warn everyone. The texture of the ink is a wildly different experience.

I mean, really, wildly different.

A closeup of the ink splotch while wet, demonstrating some odd lumps and bubbles.

In artificial light and a different angle, not only does everything look a lot more orange, it also looks like…

Tomato sputum.

One-thousand percent like the jelly-juice that comes from an overripe snacking ‘mater.

And dammit, it FEELS like that when I’m writing, too.

When I’m eating, that kind of texture doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Gimme all your goopy maters, please. But for some reason, when I’m writing, my mind slips on over to imagine a vegan version of the movie Carrie but with more gloop – and then I’m done, I’m walking away from the table, and I really did not want to know this little factoid about myself.

Hi, I’m Risa, and certain ink textures gross me out.

Seriously, I can’t with this. I really hope this is someone else’s favorite of favorites, because the Winter Solstice deserves a bit better than my hour of squick.

Next up: Day 22!

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