Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 24

We’re at the last two, now, so I’m rubbing my hands anticipating some really good ones.

Let’s see what’s behind the penultimate door! *drumroll*….

Day 24’s ink is called “One more Sleep.”

(Why is the “more” in that title lower case? I have no freaking idea. Let’s just run with it.)

I tested, as per usual, using a borosilicate glass dip pen in a Maruman Mnemosyne notebook.

Handwriting in pale violet blue ink on white paper that reads "Day 24:  One More Sleep." The strokes in the writing are thin and there's a mistake on the 4. To the left of the writing lays a small square bottle with a metallic violet label that reads "One more Sleep" in hard-to-read silver script under the diamond Diamine logo.
Violet-blue shaded ink. Text reads “Day 24: One more Sleep” in my blocky handwriting.

So on first writing stroke, I thought “Oh this is lovely!”

Then I kept writing.

This is VERY dry. VERY hard to write with. VERY awkward. It’s so bad it ran out before I hit the fifth character in the sentence.

I don’t understand how a shading, watercolor, Sailor Manyo-looking fucker can be this DRY.

(Yes I’m cursing. I wanted this to be nice.)

Four dips! It took FOUR DIPS of the glass pen to finish the writing. How is that possible?

But yet when I did the splotch, it didn’t look scribbly at ALL. It looked reasonably wet. What is WITH this ink?

A closeup of the ink splotch, demonstrating the iris and violet shades with some smudge marks on the right.

I want to love this. I really, REALLY want to love this. It’s a glorious color – the color of irises and hyacinths and violets. It looks so much like something that is the perfect balance between two of my favorite Sailor inks. But it’s just too unpleasant to write with. I won’t even bother painting with it, it’s so unpleasant.

…. I am not happy I am proving my “Deck the Halls” point, here. :sob:

I’ll get over it, though. Sailor inks are pretty damn nice.

Next up: our ultimate ink on Day 25!

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