Diamine Inkvent 2022 – Day 25

Your every-6th-day content note: I understand Advent is a Christian artifact, regardless of its presence in my life and ancestry as a cultural event. I am not Christian, though much of my family is, and I am not happy with the Christianization of secular culture despite having grown up immersed in it. I promise to promote the voices and traditions from religions not my own, and the normalization of calling out when the dominant religious paradigm in America is packaged as secular celebration.

Merry fucking apex day of the Western world’s dominant paradigm.

OKAY I’m done. Let’s see what’s behind the last door! *drumroll*….

Day 25’s ink is called “Best Wishes.”

This is a standard Diamine 30 ml bottle, and as such, there’s a lot more going on with the label.

I tested, as per usual, using a borosilicate glass dip pen in a Maruman Mnemosyne notebook.

Handwriting in green-based red-sheening ink on white paper that reads "Day 25:  Best Wishes." To the lower left of the writing lays a rectangular bottle with a standard Diamine label that has a bottom green border that reads "Best Wishes" in clear silver script.
There is a LOT going on here. Green ink, multicolor shimmer, brick red sheen, more? Text reads “Day 25: Best Wishes” in my blocky handwriting.

Okay, this one is interesting! And neat!

(Thank goodness.)

Best Wishes is a green-based ink with red sheen and blue-green shimmer. It looks different from every direction. The flow is fast and the ink is relatively wet, but it’s still a little scratchy when writing. It’s not unpleasant, though, if you like tactile feedback when writing.

A closeup of the word "Wishes" written in green, demonstrating the green shimmer in the ink and the cleanliness of the strokes.
A closeup of the word “Wishes”, demonstrating the shimmer in the ink and the cleanliness of the strokes

It’s a clean-writing ink! The clarity of my strokes in this ink is really nice. Like, I usually dislike my handwriting, but this? I want to use this on cards. I don’t know how this ended up so fancy-looking.

A closeup of the handwritten S and the ink splotch shows the thickness of the green shimmer and a thick layer of brick purple sheen
Also, what is this? Hella green shimmer and a purple brick sheen?

Along with the clean writing? It’s got some swag to it. Green green shimmer, a purple that looks like Prince wanted a brick house. If you’re a fan of the Extra, this has it. It’s VERY extra.

That sheen goes very copper in artificial light

The only problem I have with the color is that in certain lights on sheen-enhancing paper, you can barely see the green at all. In artificial light, the brick purple color turns copper, and the sheen isn’t as green. Still pretty, but more along the lines of the ink of cranberry void (Upon A Star). And because it’s a lovely blue-based green, I want to see more of it.

Will I want another bottle? Probably not? This is a 30 ml bottle, and I will probably take a while to get through it. It’s really nice, though, and I’m truly happy that this is where this journey ends.

This is the end of our Diamine Inkvent calendar! I’m going to take a brief break, and when I return, I’ll rank the top five and bottom five, then demo some of my favorite inks.

Hope you’re having a wonderful end of December!

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