Diamine Inkvent Summary – The Bad

Okay, as a precursor to this, please remember that both good and bad is absolutely subjective and I’m not saying a single thing about anyone if I am harshing on an ink they love.


I am actually impressed that out of all the inks, there were only four I actively disliked. So I don’t even have a proper bottom 5 to contrast to the top 5. I *could* rank one of the “meh” inks in the bottom 5, but I can’t do that to number 21 on the list; it’s still reasonably nice1 and doesn’t deserve that.

With that, my least 4. None of these are disliked because I don’t like the color.

:suppresses gag reflex even THINKING about Cosy:

UGH okay you already know how I feel about that one so lemme talk about the others.

Olive Swirl: disliked because of how incredibly scratchy it is and thus hard to write with, and how much I really wanted a color like that one to work for me. It also made my writing look miserable.

One more Sleep: again, disliked because of how difficult it is to write with. And I feel personally betrayed by a color that close to my own ideal color being so difficult and unpleasant. I’m still mopey about it.

Dusted Truffle: Disliked because it’s so damn hard to read! It should have a dark outlining property, or something, so that I don’t have to squint to make out my own handwriting. (Yes, I’m getting old.) ((But lack of visual contrast is an accessibility thing; I’m not alone.))

Out of these, only Dusted Truffle has a problem that might warrant someone thinking twice about purchasing, if Diamine decides to release it in larger bottles. All the others will be totally fine for someone who *cough* doesn’t have my texture issues.

This concludes my Inkvent adventure! Come January. I’m going to show off some of my favorite inks, and explain what makes them such a joy, but in the meantime I have to catch up on some Janus posts – it’s coming up on my second favorite time of the year!

1: Bliss is a pretty ink that writes well enough. It’s only at 21 because I felt it was more ordinary than the others.

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