My 2022 in Writing

While I’ve been writing for a long time *ahemdecadescough*, 2019 was the year I decided I was going to reclaim my writing voice and really DO this thing I’d wanted to do for ages. Looking back on it now, it’s interesting how austere and… cramped? my work was that first year. Not really me, not really my voice.

And now here I am, after many many Rambo Academy and Clarion West online classes, with my voice finally back and some results that, while modest, excite me with their indication of progress.

My writing statistics this year are:

  • 7 new stories completed (down from last yr’s 11) – 4 flash, 3 short stories
  • 8 drafts started – 4 flash, 3 short stories, 1 novelette

My rejectomancy statistics this year are:

  • 46 submissions (down from last yr’s 50)
  • 3 acceptances
  • 3 stories on hold right now (EEEEE)
  • 2 prior semi-pro acceptances out in the world (First Promise in March and Love Like Chocolate in July)

Part of the reason why my submissions were down is because my work was held more often, which meant more time elapsed between submission and rejection. Another part was that I didn’t keep up my story output, so I had fewer new stories to send when markets were open.

Aaaand another part was that I had a tiny crisis of doubt in the middle of the year, so things I COULD have sent out, I just… didn’t. That might not change for my older stories in the new year, but any new stories I complete are getting sent out like I’ve got a t-shirt cannon.

Other good things:

January of this year I was accepted into an amazing critique group by some writers I admire. Like, whoa, I’m really honored to be in the presence of these folks, and not only are they good writers but I like them a lot as friends, too.

This might have been inadvertent but I am SO stoked that First Promise was released on the Apex website on International Women’s Day.

I still have three more accepted but unpublished works coming up!

And lastly, one of the stories on hold right now is a reprint. I’m on the reprint train now!


All in all, an amazing year for me, considering I just restarted 4 yrs ago. Janus, looking back, certainly approves.

Now to step into the new year and its potential!

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