Welcome 2023

And with the turning, Janus looks from past to future….

:side-eyes my goal list:

(are we ready for this? I’m not sure we’re ready for this.)


It’s the first day of the new Gregorian new year :hooray: and I don’t have resolutions so much as plans.

And some of these plans are, well, a little contradictory. Like, more than one writing community I’m part of wants to do a “story a week” thing (for different periods of time) and I’ve signed up for TWO, yet I’m also trying… to rest more? How will that work?

Dunno, folks, but I’m going to try.

My plans for 2023 below. Don’t laugh. :lolsob:


  • 50 submissions for the year
  • 5 drafts polished & ready to sub
  • 52 (!!) story drafts (this is the two story-a-week projects)


  • Read 12 novels
  • Read 24 short stories
  • Read 5 research papers


  • Spend more time walking
  • Chill out & rest more
  • Do more thresholding

Hoping all of you can be as entertained by your own plans as I am of mine! 😅

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