Some of My Favorite Inks – Sailor 123

Okay, fair warning, you’re going to see a theme here.

After Armada, Sailor 123 is my favorite ink.

Handwriting and ink splotches in a blue-toned cloudy purple, tinged with blue green. The handwriting reads "Sailor 123" and the splotches demonstrate various shades of purple, blue and green.
Sorry for the blurriness on this one. I SWEAR it was in focus on my phone. Handwriting reads “Sailor 123” and below are two ink splotches and a heart in a dark cloudy purple with stormy blue green accents.

Sailor is a pen and ink company in Japan that has been around for a while. They have pens and inks for any number of applications, at a wide variety of price points. I’m a big fan of their inks, and 123 is specifically from their Ink Studio line, which contains 100 different amazing colors. (I link to Goulet only because Sailor’s site doesn’t show them all.)

Given the colors, the purples and greens, and the stormy nature of them, it’s abundantly clear that I have a type.

A closeup of an ink splotch in a blue-toned cloudy dark purple, with steely sea green shades
A closeup demonstrates more of the purple and sea green colors. Scribble marks apparent but not too bad.

Unlike the Vintas, 123 looks pretty consistent in multiple kinds of light. Cloudy day above, artificial light below.

A closeup of an ink splotch in a blue-toned cloudy dark purple, with steely sea green shades. The scribble marks from the nib of the pen are clearly visible. Another splotch covers the far upper left corner.
Some of the lighter shades look lilac, but with that same blue-green tinge.

I use this ink in a Platinum Preppy pen right now, mostly because it was there? But generally, this ink behaves really well, running rich in both regular pens and glass dip pens.

Tiny splotches of ink show off how dark both the purple and the sea green can get.
The ink can get dark, resulting in some amazingly lovely dark shades of purple and sea green.

Sailor inks do take a little longer to dry, but not so much that it’s an impediment to writing. The Studio line in particular is easy to write with, silky and smooth, without me worrying about smudging.

Storytime: Sailor 123 was the first Studio ink I tried. I have since sampled like twenty of them, but as pretty as the others are, this is still my favorite.

Fair warning that Studio is only one of the gonzo amazing lines Sailor keeps, so if you’re going to look for more like this, they’re always just a number.

Next up, my other favorite Sailor ink!


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