The First Amoeba of Trolling

This morning I woke up to an interest dilemma. I’m getting spam-subscribed to a podcast that has a confirm email which contains some slurs. The confirms are sent to an email that I only use for writing-related work. It’s not the same email that is on this site.

:tilts head, quirks ears:

It’s simultaneously puzzling & intriguing. The former because I don’t know how someone thinks this would be a problem for someone like me. The latter because it’s a mystery – where did this person/these people/this bot find this email? Did someplace get breached? (I found out a few minutes ago that other writers are receiving it, which points to a breach at someplace like SFWA.) And if so, why this? A podcast? Someone trying to boost subscribe numbers on a crappy org?

I don’t know the motivation of whoever did/is doing this, but I love myself a mystery :rubs hands: I’ll be watching the Googles for information about them. And because I’m pretty tech-savvy, this is an easy-enough fix for me. My heart goes out to any other folks who aren’t tech-savvy, though.

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