Way Behind

For some reason I’m finding it tough to update here, even when I want to.

“For some reason.” Hah. I know the reason. I’ve got friends and family on text, Facebook, Instagram, and a few Discords. Then I’ve got writing community on Twitter, Mastodon, a Slack channel or two and a few MORE Discords. After a full day job day, it’s hard enough to keep up with people across 11 or 12 platforms – if I have juice left to copy/paste any content onto my blog and newsletter it’s like a gift.

Forget trying to do any new things, like YouTube and TikTok. Which is a pity, because I really want to play with filming things.

I did try consolidation apps like Buffer and Hootsuite, but their accessibility was for shit and it’s expensive to add more than one or two channels. Why no alt-text, folks? I know accessibility is getting better, but for now, I’m not paying for what was a substandard experience.

I am trying to do more activities that recharge me. More time with gardening and flowers; more photography. More playing with scents and oils. But there’s only so much time in the day to recharge, and I have to choose.

So often, the blog goes quiet.

I have hope that in the future, I’ll blog more than once or twice a month. But for now, I think I have to accept that this is going to be my cadence, and just… embrace it.

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