Full Moon Pull, A Day Late

For those of you who aren’t subscribed to my newsletter, here’s the Tarot pull from yesterday! (Those of you who are on the newsletter can skip this post; it’s a recap.)

I used the Osho Zen deck for my Flower Moon pull because it’s my faaavorite:

Three tarot cards on a purple cloth. Left is "Ripeness" with purple fruits, middle is "The Burden" with an exhausted person carrying a rich tyrant, and right is "Conditioning," a lion among sheep.
On the left is Ripeness – a drawing of a lushly-leafed tree with four plush fruits, maybe apples or plums, still clinging to the branches. A fifth fruit is falling off. The background contains a beautiful sunset with a crescent moon. In the middle is The Burden – an exhausted person with ragged clothes and short red hair is carrying a lavishly-dressed person on their back. A rooster rides the second person’s hat. On the right is Conditioning – a frowning lion, a sheepskin tied to his back and legs, stands among many fluffy smiling sheep

While it looks like a troublesome reading, it’s actually quite wonderful given the questions I was asking. It’s all about releasing obligations and understanding what work I’m being asked to do versus what I want and need to do.

If you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter, I’ll just mention that those folks get an extra puppy photo in their mailbox, once or twice a month. But if you don’t like email, no big deal! I’ll still be posting here when I have news.

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