Had A Great Time “Paneling”

This weekend is the Nebulas conference and I was a member of a panel on “Meeting Young Readers Where They Are,” which was about how authors can create relationships with libraries and schools so they can bring their kidlit, middle grade and YA work to more audiences. I wasn’t there as a writer, though I do write some YA. I was there as a representative of my day job, which is to make library ebooks more accessible to more people.


I have to thank Amber Morell for pitching the topic and being an incredible moderator, Lisa Stringfellow for bringing such wonderful expertise about how to reach schools, and Angela Yuriko Smith for bringing such great ideas for craft exercises that double as marketing.

As for me, I’m proud of myself for bringing up the Indie Author Project and making sure I acknowledged that for some, creating relationships is HARD, but there are still ways to do it that cause less social anxiety.

The panel will be available online for almost a year after the Nebula weekend is over, and a virtual registration gets you access to any of the other panels as well!

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