So I’m this person, right, who has this blog. And I have this blog because THE WORLD IS FULL OF DANGEROUS CUTE.

Seriously. You squee at a puppy crossing the street and suddenly you’ve run your car into the bus stop shelter on the corner. You see a baby bear and are all EEE PADDINGTON and go to pet it and suddenly BAM FUCK YOU’RE DEAD*. of MOMNESS.  Even worse? You see baby pandas and then you are stuck on brainmode “OMG PANDACAM” for the rest of the week. Job deadlines? TOAST.


Anyway. This life is too short for long introductions. (Too Late!*) That’s me, right there.  Paw-to-nose action

Yes. I am being TOLD by a kitten. But seriously. I was stupid all day over how cute that was. Breeshey likes to wake me up in the morning by doing things like this.

I have a few jobs, all of which involve the coming up of ideas and finding out if people like them. I write stuff. A lot of stuff. I also do that thing that is called “innovation” in business circles but what is really “creative problem solving” in parenting and other useful endeavors. (I hope to graduate to “disruptor” one day. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a role of “disruptor” in parenting teens? “Hi. I’m disrupting your mope session.”)

I also have three personality-filled animals: a dog named Kizu and two cats named Breeshey and Montecore, and a wonderful partner named Jon. (Bonus – Jon doesn’t require bathroom maintenance. Most of the time.) We live in NYC, a city I have been in wild mad love with since 1988. I am also a bit too old for this, but I would never consider it shit.*



* Side note: I am a latent (not former) goth, proud 80s child, and movie fanatic. You will find I sling the quotes like a Monty Python addict. (Semi-rhyme not intended. I rap… poorly.) “Bam fuck you’re dead” courtesy of the movie The Crow, “Too Late!” courtesy of the movie Clue, “too old for this…. shit” courtesy of Lethal Weapon, and my parenthetical “poorly” comment courtesy of the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.